Announcing the launch of Covan Digital

Carlos Castro

Wolfate announces today the launch of Covan Digital, remote agency specialized in WordPress Web Design & Development.

Starting now, Wolfate will offer only SEO consulting services, whereas web development services will be offered through Covan Digital.

Wolfate's current clients that hired our web design services will not be affected by this change, they will continue to receive the same attention and support through Covan Digital.

For future clients, Wolfate and Covan Digital work together to support companies that need both services: web development & design, and SEO consulting.

After this change, Wolfate's service offering is as follows:

  • E-commerce SEO Consulting
  • Web Migrations
  • Hreflang Implementation & Validation

Also, Covan Digital's services are:

Our international service offering does not change, we will keep serving businesses in Mexico and Canada. Covan Digital will also operate in these countries too.

With this change, we strengthen our brand positioning as an SEO consultancy and we continue to support small businesses to grow in the online world with these launch.

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