Wolfate: SEO Consultancy

We are a results-driven boutique SEO consultancy with experience solving specific SEO issues such as:
  • Technical SEO for E-commerce
  • Web Migrations
  • Hreflang Implementation & Validation
  • Content Optimization for E-commerce
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E-commerce SEO

We improve your site's user experience and organic search performance by fixing duplicate content issues, guide you to create & optimize quality content for the different stages of the customer journey, identify keyword opportunities based on a keyword research & analysis of your online competitors.

Web Migrations

We have developed several SEO plans to achieve a successful web migration by using our technical knowledge and SEO experience. From domain changes to web redesigns & changes of web structure, we provide dedicated consultant advice and on-going support.

Some of our specialized SEO services

Our SEO knowledge has allowed us to work with clients looking for a dedicated SEO consultant that can provide an actionable step by step process to address a technical challenge or achieve SEO goals such as:

Hreflang Implementation & Validation

One of the most complex and confusing aspects of SEO are hreflang tags, which are needed for a multi-lingual or multi-country SEO approach. We can help to implement the hreflang annotations using the most cost-effective alternative.

Technical SEO for E-commerce

Faceted navigation is a complex technical aspect of e-commerce sites. Using our development experience, we collaborate with developers to tackle crawling and indexing issues caused by faceted navigation, internal linking, structured data, and other complex SEO issues.

Content Optimization for E-commerce

From duplicate content to thin content issues, e-commerce sites can benefit from improving these problems by crafting a successful SEO campaign that focuses on content creation and optimization.

About Wolfate

Wolfate is a boutique SEO consultancy that offers personalized advice focused on SEO growth. We work side by side with our clients to solve complex SEO scenarios and use organic traffic to increase conversion rate and achieve business goals.

Owned by Carlos Castro, an experienced SEO consultant with +5 years of experience working with international companies and a variety of consulting projects involving content strategy, content SEO audit, technical SEO audit, competitor analysis, and more.

Why Wolfate

Wolfate has been listed as one of the top SEO agencies in sites like The Manifest, Teamwave, and DesignRush as one of the top SEO Consultants.

We are based in Mexico City, and work remotely with clients across Canada, Australia, and the UK providing personalised 1-to-1 consultancy.
Strategical approach to SEO
Results-driven SEO strategy
Specialized SEO consulting services

Wolfate is trusted by several brands

SEO Consulting Frequently Asked Questions

What does an SEO consultant do?
An SEO consultant works with you to provide a strategical roadmap to achieve your specified business goals based on the competitive landscape and current optimization status.
How do you understand our business and industry?
We've worked with clients in several industries. However, we can get to know your company and your industry to make sure we use the right approach during the SEO strategy.
How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?
We'll determine with your team the KPI's based on your business' goals, such as percentage of sales from organic search, organic traffic to category pages, etc.

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